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Getting a police clearance certificate when you need to use it for work or study abroad can be a time-consuming process, it makes things much easier to understand why you need to use a professional body like Documents Authentication. If you want to apply for a SAPS Police Clearance Certificates from SA or abroad, and receive the document in between 5 and 12 days (plus courier), please see our pricing here.

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A sample of the header of a South African Police Service Police Clearance.

A sample of the header of a South African Police Service Police Clearance.

What is a SAPS Police Clearance Certificate?
A SAPS Police Clearance is a certificate that is issued after a background check has been conducted to enumerate any criminal records that he or she might have. The SAPS Criminal Record Centre, located in Pretoria, is where South Africans get their clearance certificates processed.

How to apply for SAPS Police Clearance
In order to apply for a SAPS Police Clearance certificate, you will need to supply a set of complete fingerprints as well as proof of your identity, along with a completed application form. On the fingerprint form, you full names and surname, identity number, date of birth and place of birth must also be recorded. Usually you can actually have your fingerprints taken anywhere and your form stamped.

Should you wish to arrange your police clearance certificate through us, you can have the SAPS Police Clearance 91a (application form) fingerprinted at your nearest police station or fingerprinting company, after which we will handle your documents directly with the Pretoria Criminal Records Centre. You may also choose to have your document/s returned by in-person collection or via local or international courier.

SAPS Police Clearance
The stamp of the South African Police Service. Note the date on the stamp.

What is the timeframe for a SAPS Police Clearance?
There is an abundance of information online that tells you that you can do the application on your, but applying in person may see your clearance certificate take up to 4-6 weeks (if in SA) and 6 months (if abroad) to get processed. According to the Criminal Records Centre, their processing times vary and can range between 3-7 / 7-10 / 10-20 / or 20-30 working days from the day on which the application was submitted, which is very confusing.

The date on the SAPS stamp on the Police Clearance Certificate is vital, since some countries only hold the document valid for 3 months, even if it is apostilled. This means you often have no chance of reliably getting an outcome in time.

Documents Authentication can assist you in getting your SAPS Police Clearance in between 5 and 12 working days of applying (excluding courier time). We can also have it apostilled in as little as 24 hours. See our pricing and contact us now.

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